I am a theatre maker with a passion for exploring creative ways to facilitate social change justice. In 2002 I completed a certificate in Arts Empowerment and Facilitation Training and since then have set up and worked on a number of projects using mainly drama as a creative tool for social change. I am particularly interested in working creatively with people’s stories and experiences not only to share them with wider audiences but also so that those who share them gain a sense of agency and in turn develop their resilience. It was during my MA in Drama & Theatre Studies at University College Cork in 2004 that I discovered Theatre of Testimony, a form of theatre which is concerned with finding a theatrical framework to support the re-telling of an individual’s account of their experience. It creates opportunities for people to tell their stories anonymously, potentially leading to greater openness about their experiences and also allowing an audience to contemplate the themes and issues in a safe place. Since then I have written and directed and even performed in several testimony-based pieces over the last 15 years. In 2011, I completed a PhD in Performance Practice at the University of Exeter on the staging of personal testimony. I currently lecture in Drama at Bath Spa University and am also director of the Arts and Social Change research group.

My latest testimony play, Playing the Game, features contemporary testimony from mothers in prison and was written as part of On the Inside, a project with Geese Theatre and the University of Warwick. Plans are currently in place for it to be staged as part of Bedlam 2019 at the Birmingham Rep.